Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I finished something!! And promptly cast on something else. I'm really terrible. I've already planned the next project I want to cast on when I finish the one I need to finish by Saturday. I can hear the argument in my head... "You need to finish the projects you're working on!" "But I *need* that blanket!" "But you have so many projects!" "But I need it for my *chair*!!" Argh... What to do?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Goals and Guidelines

Wrestlemania didn't go quite as well as I hoped, but I did manage to beat down a couple of projects. And by a couple, I mean two. I finished my "Repo! The Genetic Opera Gloves", just in time for the show, and I finished a scarf for hubbykins that matches a hat he loves. I used the left over balls from the hat, and the scarf has got to be over 8 feet long. I mean, he's 6' something, and it touches his ankles when draped around his neck. I haven't taken a tape measure to it, but I probably should.

But in all the post-mania, one of the girls mentioned that she was going to keep plugging away at her work-in-progress pile by setting a goal of finishing one WIP a month. I promptly told her I was kidnapping her idea. If I finished one WIP a month, I might actually have a substantial body of work. If I finish *more* than one WIP a month... just think of the possibilities!! Although, in months to come, I will be trying to finish more than one project a month. I want to help MegaLion of Ravelry with her project to help the mittenless hands of Chicago's youth. I like small manageable tasks, so each pair of mitts will be considered a project, but I have'nt come up with a reasonable goal to have sent to her by her requested deadline of early October. Not only is it a great stash busting project, but a great way to help out the community. And I can't really fuddle this one up!! I like projects like that, just make a whole bunch of "n", any way you like! I can do that!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Ravelry, Ravelry, you are the inspiration for my life!! The Girls behind Village Hopelessly Overcommitted have started a July "Wrestlemania" for works in progress. GENIUS!!! Because of them, and the intense need to be distracted by all things yarny, I am (though slowly) beating down that list (plus some!) I am binding off the Elizabeth Zimmerman Pi Shawl between thoughts and have finished my Lagoon Hat. It came out alright, even though I got a little fidgety towards the end.

On a personal note, my mother left for Arizona yesterday, and I miss her terribly. And my little brother leaves some time this weekend for boot camp. He's only fifteen minutes away, and I miss him already.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


So much for "less than a month". But now that Mom's wedding has passed, and I am falling into a somewhat normal schedule, things are finally starting to get done around here. And I'm going to need all the knitting I can get when July rolls around. Yes, it's WIP Wresting Smackdown on Ravelry, but it's also my mother moving cross country, and my brother leaving for boot camp. If he passes his summer English make-up course. But that's another time.

I've finished two more things off the list!! And taken a few off it too. I have finished Katie VanV's hats and my Fetchings!!! I have removed the Nubbly Lace Scarf and Hot Pink Bag. To be honest, I don't even know where they are. I never started the scarf, so I don't feel too badly about it, but the bag, that's going to need some serious reconsideration and time at the frog pond.

I've also cast on a few things, to make sure I keep expanding my repertoire. I've cast on EZ's Pi Shawl, and it's lovely. I'm also trying to figure out how my great grandmother made the most comfortable slippers in the world. I know they're simple, but I gotta try it out. She can't remember how she makes them.

As for the other wips, well I'm plugging away. I'll just leave it at that.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

FO's Yay!!

I know, its been a little over a month since I last posted, but college has a way of taking time and making it disappear. Suddenly, it's finals time and things have been pretty busy. But the sweater bag is finished!! 756 yards down, many more miles to go. I've also crafted 5 of the sweetest bunnies, and I have requests for more! Maybe I'll do some math at some point to see what I've finished this year, how much yarn I've used and then find someway to post a progress bar. I have some serious calculations to do for the bunnies, they don't give a yardage. I'll be back with some numbers later, hopefully not a month from now, but sooner.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Progress!! Well, sorta....

Ok, so I have not completely eliminated anything from my list, but there is progress on a few of the items. The sweater bag is nearing completion; I've cast off the bag and cast on the strap! I really need to bunker down and get KT's hat done, I know I do, but midterms got in the way, and the Ravelry girls have convinced me to banish my oldest Works In Progress. Thus the sweater bag making progress. But I have incentive now. The Spring Knitty is up and I need the Hanne vest/halter thing. I've saved the yarn I want to use in my KnitPicks shopping cart and all it needs is the completion of the sweater bag and KT's hat to get it! So close, and yet so far!! I can do this!! Off to batter a history paper into submission so I can knit!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Alright! I'm swimming, no drowning in WIPs. Maybe if I list them, then they will one by one get accomplished, thus propelling me towards the moon. Here it goes, in order, from most pressing to not so pressing:

1. Katie VanV's hats
2. Lagoon Hat
3. My Fetchings
4. Nubbly Lacy Scarf
5. Dr. Who Scarf (thats mileage!)
6. Poppy's Socks
7. Nikki's Scarf
8. Gramma Yolanda's Belt
9. Mexicana Minibag
10. Bikini Minibag
11. Gram's Tiny Sweaters
12. Sweater Bag
13. Jet Stream Socks
14. Hot Pink Bag
15. Waves of Naptime
16. Mr. Monkey
17. Alpaca Fuzz Shawl
18. Hexagon Throw
19. Toe up Socks
20. Mitered Sock Squares Blanket
21. Mitered Worsted Squares Blanket
22. Fish Blanket
23. Alpaca Handwarmers

There! Now it exists and can haunt me until they're done!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


All my girls on Ravelry must really love me, that or think I'm so crazy that I needed help. As part of our Village stash down, Lykkefanten has posted miles to the moon, and has helped convinced everyone to help me get to the moon!!! We have collectively reached 6.4 miles already!!! I'm so excited! I will still be keeping a personal record, but I greatly appreciate the help from the community!! Thanks everybody!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To the Moon!

Yes. I am completely crazy. But that is perfectly fine with me. I am going to knit my way to the moon. According to NASA, the moon is an average of 382,500 km away, which translates into 237,674.48 miles or 418,307,086 yards. Here I will keep posts and records of how far along to the moon I am.

To start, I am already 2.265m down. And that's just recently. I used .21 miles in my Half-Moon Happiness Shawl, 1.227 miles in a machine knit blanket that isn't finished, as well as .827 miles in a circular afghan that is also unfinished. When I figure out where to keep pictures of contributing items, I will post them.