Monday, August 10, 2009

Goals and Guidelines

Wrestlemania didn't go quite as well as I hoped, but I did manage to beat down a couple of projects. And by a couple, I mean two. I finished my "Repo! The Genetic Opera Gloves", just in time for the show, and I finished a scarf for hubbykins that matches a hat he loves. I used the left over balls from the hat, and the scarf has got to be over 8 feet long. I mean, he's 6' something, and it touches his ankles when draped around his neck. I haven't taken a tape measure to it, but I probably should.

But in all the post-mania, one of the girls mentioned that she was going to keep plugging away at her work-in-progress pile by setting a goal of finishing one WIP a month. I promptly told her I was kidnapping her idea. If I finished one WIP a month, I might actually have a substantial body of work. If I finish *more* than one WIP a month... just think of the possibilities!! Although, in months to come, I will be trying to finish more than one project a month. I want to help MegaLion of Ravelry with her project to help the mittenless hands of Chicago's youth. I like small manageable tasks, so each pair of mitts will be considered a project, but I have'nt come up with a reasonable goal to have sent to her by her requested deadline of early October. Not only is it a great stash busting project, but a great way to help out the community. And I can't really fuddle this one up!! I like projects like that, just make a whole bunch of "n", any way you like! I can do that!

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  1. I've been making one-skein cowls and hats and have literally been turning one out per day. It's the most marvellous feeling - and gets me motivated to work on the cardigans and afghans that are also still lurking. Or maybe it's just that fact that I'm only knitting for myself right now, and I am a selfish, greedy little girl? Who knows...