Sunday, February 7, 2010

2 Whole Miles...

So I finally got around to doing that substantial math I've been promising, and it took me a good few hours. Finding yardages, finished objects, and all kinds of stuff. But now, I present to you in list form my two whole miles. If some of the numbers from last week have changed, I'd count these as closer to real. I only try. I'm not perfect ;)

bikini bunny- 120 yards
pdq hat- 108 yards
Muh-hurr and Muh-hey (twin bunnies)- 240 yards together
sweater bag- 765 yards
fetchings- 82 yards
repo gloves- 105 yards
jimmy's hat- 100 yards
jimmy's matching scarf- 440 yards
purple house beret- 185 yards
grey house beret- 185 yards
arachne mits- 223 yards
half pipe hat- 426.5 yards
jimmy's beer gloves- 136 yards
cabled mug cozy- 50 yards
casey's man hat- 125 yards
scarfy v1.0- 244 yards

totaling to 3534.5 yards, or 2.0088 miles.

I need to knit a lot faster if I want to get to the moon on my own.

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