Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh, Hey There!

Oh hey blog! There you are! I've been wondering what happened to you!! Oh, right, I've been going crazy with all kinda of crazy things! But I finally have pictures to show everyone!! Yay!! In reverse order, from what I have, the first thing is my Repo! Gloves. They are a little long, and I may consider knitting another pair, a little better fitted to my short arms. But over all I really enjoy them. I think I might wear them more if they fit better. The next thing I have to show you is the Pi Shawl. It's not done, but I'm working on the edging, and I think I'm almost done. I have also since accomplished some other minor projects, but I'll post them later. Now begins the mass chaos that becomes the Winter Ravelympics. This year, I think I'll compete in events other than the WIPS-Dancing that I normally would compete in. I've had several new requests that need to be accomplished soon. I'll be back soon! I promise!!

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