Monday, February 23, 2009


Alright! I'm swimming, no drowning in WIPs. Maybe if I list them, then they will one by one get accomplished, thus propelling me towards the moon. Here it goes, in order, from most pressing to not so pressing:

1. Katie VanV's hats
2. Lagoon Hat
3. My Fetchings
4. Nubbly Lacy Scarf
5. Dr. Who Scarf (thats mileage!)
6. Poppy's Socks
7. Nikki's Scarf
8. Gramma Yolanda's Belt
9. Mexicana Minibag
10. Bikini Minibag
11. Gram's Tiny Sweaters
12. Sweater Bag
13. Jet Stream Socks
14. Hot Pink Bag
15. Waves of Naptime
16. Mr. Monkey
17. Alpaca Fuzz Shawl
18. Hexagon Throw
19. Toe up Socks
20. Mitered Sock Squares Blanket
21. Mitered Worsted Squares Blanket
22. Fish Blanket
23. Alpaca Handwarmers

There! Now it exists and can haunt me until they're done!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


All my girls on Ravelry must really love me, that or think I'm so crazy that I needed help. As part of our Village stash down, Lykkefanten has posted miles to the moon, and has helped convinced everyone to help me get to the moon!!! We have collectively reached 6.4 miles already!!! I'm so excited! I will still be keeping a personal record, but I greatly appreciate the help from the community!! Thanks everybody!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To the Moon!

Yes. I am completely crazy. But that is perfectly fine with me. I am going to knit my way to the moon. According to NASA, the moon is an average of 382,500 km away, which translates into 237,674.48 miles or 418,307,086 yards. Here I will keep posts and records of how far along to the moon I am.

To start, I am already 2.265m down. And that's just recently. I used .21 miles in my Half-Moon Happiness Shawl, 1.227 miles in a machine knit blanket that isn't finished, as well as .827 miles in a circular afghan that is also unfinished. When I figure out where to keep pictures of contributing items, I will post them.