Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I finished something!! And promptly cast on something else. I'm really terrible. I've already planned the next project I want to cast on when I finish the one I need to finish by Saturday. I can hear the argument in my head... "You need to finish the projects you're working on!" "But I *need* that blanket!" "But you have so many projects!" "But I need it for my *chair*!!" Argh... What to do?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Goals and Guidelines

Wrestlemania didn't go quite as well as I hoped, but I did manage to beat down a couple of projects. And by a couple, I mean two. I finished my "Repo! The Genetic Opera Gloves", just in time for the show, and I finished a scarf for hubbykins that matches a hat he loves. I used the left over balls from the hat, and the scarf has got to be over 8 feet long. I mean, he's 6' something, and it touches his ankles when draped around his neck. I haven't taken a tape measure to it, but I probably should.

But in all the post-mania, one of the girls mentioned that she was going to keep plugging away at her work-in-progress pile by setting a goal of finishing one WIP a month. I promptly told her I was kidnapping her idea. If I finished one WIP a month, I might actually have a substantial body of work. If I finish *more* than one WIP a month... just think of the possibilities!! Although, in months to come, I will be trying to finish more than one project a month. I want to help MegaLion of Ravelry with her project to help the mittenless hands of Chicago's youth. I like small manageable tasks, so each pair of mitts will be considered a project, but I have'nt come up with a reasonable goal to have sent to her by her requested deadline of early October. Not only is it a great stash busting project, but a great way to help out the community. And I can't really fuddle this one up!! I like projects like that, just make a whole bunch of "n", any way you like! I can do that!